Monday, September 13, 2004

Self Reassurance??

I really needed to assure myself that I was working with a full deck so to speak. I, like so many parents, tend to second guess myself. I guess if I didn't , it would mean I didn't really care whether I was always doing the right thing or not.
Luckily there are so many different resources available today . We can obtain invaluable input and information. Gain a deeper understanding on our own psyche thus better able to continue with confidence and strength for future endeavors.
I am now ready to forge ahead. This important test has opened my horizons and given me the courage to see myself as strong and wise. I found all the reassurances I needed and it feels absolutely incredible! I invite you all to take this important test. I felt the need to share the wealth of its infinite wisdom. If it could change my life, it will most certainly change yours aswell.

Find your inner Smurf!


JustSue said...

I am Painter Smurf :) LOL

Shannon said...

I'm brainy smurf?!?!

What the heck?!? No way that's me!!!

I demand a recount!